Friday, July 1, 2011

the new store is out!

I know. It's shocking. Especially shocking considering I was going to take June and do this big promo, and make lots of new stock, and restart my business with a big bang...

...Yeah. That didn't so much happen.

However, today, things happened! For one, I put the custom store down:

(from the Lady Disdain album)

This is just the outside, and it's also the build I contracted out to the designer behind De Baza (that's the SL Marketplace link, not the in-world-store link, but that will still give you Sphynx Soleil's name, and how to get in touch with De Baza in world). It's an odd store, but I want to be clear that that is not Sphynx's fault; Sphynx does lovely, affordable, spacious builds targeted to specific needs (and did I mention the custom work?). Me, I wanted something specific, but tailored to Design ethos?

Which this build is. (MUAHAHAHAHA...err.) I mean, I got exactly what I wanted. I love this thing.

Unfortunately, because I've been so busy, I've only had time to do a couple quick new products:

(from the Lady Disdain album)

Because they're pretty quick makes, both of them, and also, because they're both targeted for specific communities, I'm only asking a Linden each for them. On the right is the Caledon Sun wall mirror, and on the left is the Winterfell Star wall mirror.

Both examples are full-bright, to see them easier; the sold versions are not, but can be easily made to be full-bright, if that's what you want.

The rest of the store is, yes, still empty, but I have big plans!

Or, well, at least plans. Which is better than I had before!

Happy July, everybody!

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