Sunday, January 9, 2011

well, hell

Here we go again.

Back in September, I managed--somehow--to injure my knee really, really badly. Having no access to health care--and being too stubborn to go to the ER and incur tons of debt--I stayed home and rested, as much as I could.

This meant three things: lots of bitching about the leg (obviously); lots of bitching about resting (obviously); and lots of staying off my main computer (so I missed all but one hunt I'd been committed to be in, and totally ended up spinning out on the second annual Wear Grey charity event, which really hurt).

Fast forward to now. I--again, somehow--did it again. The lesson from all of this? For the love of all gods, don't swivel your body if you're not in peak condition. Because the two times I've swiveled and not actually just turned in another direction? I end up getting freakish sports injuries. The hell. Seriously, the hell.

So, back on the netbook. And again, the timing is direly ironic: because after the first of the year, I wanted to tear down the big tree and get back to the natural world: which for me, means mushrooms. Decor, seating, large, small, I'm going to be investigating the concept--when, that is, I can stay on the main keys long enough to do some graphics work and some building.

Feel free in the meantime to check out the main store while it's still up; furniture items, I think I'm going to be moving back to a skybox, and there's going to be no real order at first. But I'm going to do my best to keep the lower parcel just fungus, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Hopefully, this injury will heal faster!


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Emilly Orr said...

To anyone reading this--I'm sorry, but that just begged to be published! It's completely crazed and absolutely baffling, and I laughed for five minutes!