Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more Madness!

This time with Rapture's End:

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I'm honestly not sure if I even have this outfit for sale downstairs, but up at the farmhouse it's available for free. Or at least for a click.

Well, if you and 99 other people do it, I mean.

It'll be up for a few days, and then it will be marked at a discount and set out for sale. You can find the Warm Cocoa outfit from last week, f'rinstance, next to the fireplace for L$50.

I suppose, if I get enough outfits out, I can just start a product wall of discount stuph. Wouldn't hurt.

Rapture's End is a textured heather violet plaid, with two different corset styles, beaded gloves, self-stockings, and a mock-bustle flexi skirt. I put everything on all the layers I could think of (keeping in mind, this was pre-2.0). If there's enough demand for 2.0 layers, I'll go back and add them in.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's still there.

Seriously, go look for yourself.

weirdness,wtf,Second Life

I really should return this thing. All 22 burning prims of it.

Hey, busykya Starship! I am holding your bike for ransom! If you don't take it off my land, I'll...I''ll...

Throw it in the ocean! Yeah! And it will...uh...GO OUT!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a bit of Madness for you

Yes, I know, I said the next post was going to feature new dresses. Well, is one new dress okay? I won't even ask you to pay for it.

Just go to the main store and click the board; I'm trying out a new thing. Somewhere in my inventory, I have a lucky board, too, and I can likely get that out and stocked, if I can figure out the instructions. (The manual's in Japanese, it makes it tricky.

Second Life,Midnight Mania,Daytime Madness,stores,fashion,frocks

I'm starting out with something I never put out for the winter season. The Warm Cocoa frock is a lovely marshmallow/chocolate plaid, with self-stockings, two different skirts, gloves, and separate corset, all on multiple layers. And, since it was my mistake not getting it out for sale last winter, you can benefit from this. Just go tap the board, and if there's a hundred of you that do so, everyone gets a copy!

You can just keep it in your closet until fall rolls around. Really, it's too hot to wear now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

it begins anew

There are times when conventions become rote, when expectations pall, when creation is less the fire that sparks creation, and more the sullen embers fanned to no flame at all, the taste of bitter nostalgia heavy on the tongue.

But forget all that; that's for the other blog.

Yes, I finally decided to make a shop blog. I can't use Autogenica as a launching field indefinitely; I'm still announcing there, but I thought it was far and away time I concentrated on one thing at a time.

So; this may create some confusion, following, therefore, I will enlighten you:

Welcome to the Train Wreck: Emilly Orr's personal blog, which will now cover everything it's covered in the past, save for product launches;

Autogenic Alchemy: the former conjoined shop blog of Autogenic Alchemy, still hosting Mr. Fawkes Allen's diverse creations, and Lady Disdain, Emilly Orr's charity and texture ventures; from this date forward, it's just Mr. Allen's product launches, for the most part;

Disdainful Musings, Lady Disdain's shop blog, for product launches and charity updates.

I'm still pondering whether I want to start a shop group, when I could just as easily announce things here, and on the Subscribe-o-Matic for Autogenic Alchemy, which frankly, gets used once a millenium. I'll let you know when I decide.

In the meantime, expect five new frocks soon: the "clean" versions of the Operation Squeegee dresses. (The "Oilslick Green" dress will only ever be offered at Operation Squeegee. Three more days to get that, or the five oilstained frocks available there, which also are editions limited to that event.

Learn more about Operation Squeegee here.

In the meantime, look for new announcements soon!