Saturday, April 21, 2012

Introducing Tatiana

I made a new shape.

This is not my attempt at revolution, per se--think of it more as my tentative wanderings, circling the herd. I've seen a lot of girls like this on the grid lately. Chinless, breasts out to Mars, butts out to Venus, awkward, sullen little things. I thought, if I'm going to see how I do at one of these shapes, let's really go for it.

So in my head, I named her. She's Tatiana. She's eighteen--barely. She ran away from home three months ago, and she's talked her way into a job at the local diner. She wakes up with a pout and goes to bed angry and fights with the customers and her boss threatens to fire her every other day.

In a lot of ways, she's still a little girl. Those thin arms, those thin legs, that narrow frame tells you that. Her attitude veers perilously close to "tantrum" over "legitimately upset" most of the time. But everything else screams "woman", from the pout on those lip-glossed fat lips to the curve of her ass. And she's learning. She's learning she doesn't have to change her attitude to gain attention from a man. She's learning the little pivot-and-hip swing the other waitresses do when picking up their drink trays.

Sometimes, after her shift, she just stands outside, watching the men leave the diner. Sometimes she'll pick one. Sometimes, it won't go all wrong and feature her scrambling out of the back of his truck, bruises on her arms--or on her throat--clutching her clothing to her thin chest.

(from the [black witch moth] album)
And I've learned something else on my way to packaging her up. This girl really can fit in anywhere.

Put her in sneakers and pj pants and a torn t-shirt, you've got a high-schooler. Put her in a torn camisk and a bond collar and you've got a sullen little slave girl. Dress her up in a skin-tight catsuit, march her through a BDSM club on a leash, and you've got...well, several heart attacks as she sways on by. With those hips, she really can't help the sway.

You c'n have a gander at her over on Marketplace. See you there.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eviscera is out--again?

I know, I know. But here's what happened:
  • Lady Disdain pretty much died on the vine. I had to abandon the store because the land was going away. I then dumped the store group, because at that point, I was the only one in it.
  • I thereupon spent several months moping and feeling sorry for myself. (I don't recommend this, btw.)
  • As I'd also abandoned both my Caledon property and my Winterfell property (and still regret keenly the financial necessity that caused both losses), I didn't have my Magic Box rezzed out anywhere.
  • One of my loves offered me platform space above her section of Lunitarium. Desultorily, I rezzed out the Magic Box--but didn't check it beyond that.
  • That same love became employed by Little Dreams Estates. After a month of working for them, she decided it was a stable opportunity, and offered me rental of a skybox. (Not gratis, she's paying me for it, but the skybox only costs L$510 per week, so...yeah. I accepted.)
  • I picked out one I liked (the "311 Urban Studio") and moved in. A week later, I rezzed out the Magic Box again--and again didn't check it.
  • Then the Direct Delivery disaster (henceforth, DDD) happened. And so I wandered off to check on my online store. Which wasn't there anymore.
  • I then tried to put my items back up for listing.
  • I failed.
  • I then read up on Direct Delivery, and realized part of my problem is that CoolVL--at that time--didn't interface with the new SL Marketplace features at all.
  • So I downloaded (again) V3 (still hate it) and checked my items. No items.
  • I grabbed the Snowy Antlers just as a tester and threw them up. They failed to go.
  • A week of Serious Thought passed. I did some research, more or less blindly picked a new business name, checked it to ensure there wasn't an in-world conflict, developed a mini store logo (which I'll keep), a store banner (which I need to rework), and renamed the Snowy Antlers with the new business name and tossed them up. They went. I now had one item listed.
  • I waited a week to ensure it wouldn't corrupt on me, and then threw up Eviscera under the new business name.
  • Two hours of struggle then passed, where I slowly realized my keywords were marking this as an Adult item. So I shrugged and listed it as Adult.
  • It listed. I now have two items.
So...I think I'll wait another week, but past that, since none of the new listings are embedding in the 14xxxx damaged cluster, I should be fine. And I've already had one sale.

So...yeah. We're now [black wing moth]. See you on the Marketplace until I find another in-world store space.