Thursday, August 19, 2010

a tree grows in Twilight Tears

Yes, friends and neighbors, I discovered I do still have the haunted treehouse from my art-sim glory days. So, in defiance of protocol (but after checking with the lass what owns my sims), I am popping it up as the main store. I'm going to keep the yard sale going for a bit longer, but everything will slowly be coming down and either going into my inventory, or going up on the walls.

If you port in and think things are in a bit of disarray, this is why. I am making great sweeping changes on the business end of things, and this is all part of that.

I still haven't decided yet if I'm changing the name. But if I do, this blog will still stay as the shop blog. Therefore.

Give me a week or two, I'll have more things out. In the meantime, the only thing new I've added is changing the Midnight Madness board to the Dark Carni demi-Victorian gown, and adding a second set of veves for the Virtual Haiti Relief campaign. I've also reduced the cost on both sets, so now, you can get either set for L$120, for six different veves (for a total of thirty textures in all, five per lwa) in each set, or both for L$240, which is still over half off what I had them priced before.

And all proceeds from those vendors go, as stated, to Virtual Haiti Relief.

Coming up: If I ever get it done, two mummified skins for the Unknown Hunt; at least one dress, if not several outfits, for Wear Grey for a Day; a voudon doll skin for the Voodoo Hunt; and whatever I think of for the Hunt for Roleplay hunt. (Though those last two may fall apart, I haven't yet applied.)

Check back if you're curious! And slowly, things will start to make more sense in the big empty tree.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

announcing the yard sale

If "yard" applies to "skybox over the main store"...

I finally feel I have enough items that are transferable to hold a yard sale. They are mostly older items; there's at least six to ten Last Call/Dazzle dresses in the mix, I know that. I'll be adding more when I have the time to excavate my inventory further.

All boxes are as complete as they were in my inventory; in the early days, I generally deleted landmarks, notecards, and product pictures; moreover, in the case of both Dazzle and Last Call, the businesses no longer operate on the grid.

Go here to travel directly to the yard sale; keep in mind I am charging L$1 per box. This is not necessarily a fee, and I do understand I'm not in this for the money; but these items are no-copy originals. Once you purchase it, you will need to take it.