Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eviscera is out!

(from Lady Disdain)

Yes! Finally I have released something!

...I mean, LOOK! She's done! She's in a product box! She's for sale!

And for today only, you can get her for L$75. No, seriously. Possibly even on sale until Friday, considering how late it is.

I am so happy. Fawkes Allen scripted the skirt, I made the viscera belly tattoo (I may rework it later; if so, I'll put a free version out next to where Eviscera ends up), and all other clothing layers.

Note: because it's a prim/clothing layer outfit, it does not come with hair, skin or eyes. It's just the tattoo and top (on tattoo and clothing layers) and the prim skirt.

Really, though. I'm so impressed with how she came out. The skirt is remarkably evocative of trailing entrails, and bits of it twitch. Thank you so much, Fawkes.

For everyone else, go see her! She's just inside the wall as you walk in the front door.

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