Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more Madness!

This time with Rapture's End:

Midnight Madness,shopping,fashion,Second Life,Lady Disdain

I'm honestly not sure if I even have this outfit for sale downstairs, but up at the farmhouse it's available for free. Or at least for a click.

Well, if you and 99 other people do it, I mean.

It'll be up for a few days, and then it will be marked at a discount and set out for sale. You can find the Warm Cocoa outfit from last week, f'rinstance, next to the fireplace for L$50.

I suppose, if I get enough outfits out, I can just start a product wall of discount stuph. Wouldn't hurt.

Rapture's End is a textured heather violet plaid, with two different corset styles, beaded gloves, self-stockings, and a mock-bustle flexi skirt. I put everything on all the layers I could think of (keeping in mind, this was pre-2.0). If there's enough demand for 2.0 layers, I'll go back and add them in.


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