Saturday, August 14, 2010

announcing the yard sale

If "yard" applies to "skybox over the main store"...

I finally feel I have enough items that are transferable to hold a yard sale. They are mostly older items; there's at least six to ten Last Call/Dazzle dresses in the mix, I know that. I'll be adding more when I have the time to excavate my inventory further.

All boxes are as complete as they were in my inventory; in the early days, I generally deleted landmarks, notecards, and product pictures; moreover, in the case of both Dazzle and Last Call, the businesses no longer operate on the grid.

Go here to travel directly to the yard sale; keep in mind I am charging L$1 per box. This is not necessarily a fee, and I do understand I'm not in this for the money; but these items are no-copy originals. Once you purchase it, you will need to take it.

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