Sunday, October 17, 2010

I made a group!

Why yes, I have lost my mind, why do you ask?

*cues lightning and thunder*

See, this all started because I came in to the shop to change the Midnight Mania board. (By the way--if you're reading this, and you got a package from my Midnight Mania board last night, contact me? It sent out something bizarre that shouldn't have been in there and I'd like to fix that.) It's now changed from the Bloody Carni outfit to the Darkest Carni outfit:

Darkest Carni outfit

but that's ancillary. To the group news:

There is now a board in the main store on an easel. Perky red text floats above it if you aren't rezzing sculpts that quick. Touching it should give you this message:

[04:57 PM] Lady Disdain Group Join Board: Yes, this will take up an in-world slot, but do consider it. My Subscribe-o-matic systems aren't functional at present. Just copy this line out of local chat and join up!
[04:57 PM] Lady Disdain Group Join Board: 3fbf40da-5457-7a56-c6de-d23640c054fb

It sits between the Sukkot kit and the fireplace. If you have the group space (and I know, a lot of folks don't), consider coming down and joining up. It'd be a kindness to me, and I promise, I will endeavor to make it worth your while.

In the meantime, I'm contemplating Sukkot animations for the Sukkot kit. Would that be blasphemous? Because technically, they're only supposed to be held by Jewish priests, right?

Or can anyone shake the lulav bundle? Inquiring minds and all that...

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Fernweher said...

very nice drawing, do you design costumes? and if so where are they for sale?