Friday, October 8, 2010

A few brief announcements

The yard sale is still going strong while I finish up the haunt on the parcel just in front of mine. (More to come on that later; I'm not done yet.)

And new in the store today: a Sukkot kit. Sadly, I have been working on this for three years, and I'm finally realizing--it's just never going to go anywhere unless I put it out. So, if you come by, and are interested, here's a list of what's in the box:

* a small and large Etrog. These are modifiable and copyable, but not transferable.
* a sharp-tipped and blunt-tipped 12-inch-long lulav; these are also mod/copy, no trans. The texture is handmade and based off of bamboo (I've also tossed in a young bamboo texture, also hand-drawn.)
* a mid-green Aravot; I have other colors of willow that I made up, but this one seemed 'accurate'. Ish.
* three different textures of Hadassa, myrtle branches; this includes two different shades of single branches, and one tricolor texture of three branches combined.
* a palm branch, in case more than a stalk is desired.
* three different hand-drawn etrog textures.

All textures are full permissions. I would prefer that you send people to the shop to get their own copy, but I've also made the box itself no copy/no mod/trans, in case you're looking for a friend.

I've enclosed a note in the set, and a picture of some of the items is on the box. I have no animations, no gestures, and really--I think it needs more, but in a pinch, I figure this will work, so...there you go.

It's a freebie. Partially because to me, the set is not complete, and I feel squeechy charging for something that's not all there; but also, because this is an important part of Jewish religious faith, and I'm not Jewish. I'll charge for things from my own religion; I figure that's fair. Not sure about the ethics of charging for someone else's faith...

Anyway. That's about it. Oh! And the Unknown Hunt has started! Remember, my prize has been moved, and the hint is now "Going up?" Come by the store to pick it up.

There's a male and female prize in the hunt box, as mentioned. Enjoy!

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