Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eviscera is out--again?

I know, I know. But here's what happened:
  • Lady Disdain pretty much died on the vine. I had to abandon the store because the land was going away. I then dumped the store group, because at that point, I was the only one in it.
  • I thereupon spent several months moping and feeling sorry for myself. (I don't recommend this, btw.)
  • As I'd also abandoned both my Caledon property and my Winterfell property (and still regret keenly the financial necessity that caused both losses), I didn't have my Magic Box rezzed out anywhere.
  • One of my loves offered me platform space above her section of Lunitarium. Desultorily, I rezzed out the Magic Box--but didn't check it beyond that.
  • That same love became employed by Little Dreams Estates. After a month of working for them, she decided it was a stable opportunity, and offered me rental of a skybox. (Not gratis, she's paying me for it, but the skybox only costs L$510 per week, so...yeah. I accepted.)
  • I picked out one I liked (the "311 Urban Studio") and moved in. A week later, I rezzed out the Magic Box again--and again didn't check it.
  • Then the Direct Delivery disaster (henceforth, DDD) happened. And so I wandered off to check on my online store. Which wasn't there anymore.
  • I then tried to put my items back up for listing.
  • I failed.
  • I then read up on Direct Delivery, and realized part of my problem is that CoolVL--at that time--didn't interface with the new SL Marketplace features at all.
  • So I downloaded (again) V3 (still hate it) and checked my items. No items.
  • I grabbed the Snowy Antlers just as a tester and threw them up. They failed to go.
  • A week of Serious Thought passed. I did some research, more or less blindly picked a new business name, checked it to ensure there wasn't an in-world conflict, developed a mini store logo (which I'll keep), a store banner (which I need to rework), and renamed the Snowy Antlers with the new business name and tossed them up. They went. I now had one item listed.
  • I waited a week to ensure it wouldn't corrupt on me, and then threw up Eviscera under the new business name.
  • Two hours of struggle then passed, where I slowly realized my keywords were marking this as an Adult item. So I shrugged and listed it as Adult.
  • It listed. I now have two items.
So...I think I'll wait another week, but past that, since none of the new listings are embedding in the 14xxxx damaged cluster, I should be fine. And I've already had one sale.

So...yeah. We're now [black wing moth]. See you on the Marketplace until I find another in-world store space.

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