Sunday, September 12, 2010

not dead yet

So, the leg continues to heal--slowly--far slower than I wanted--but I am to the point of hobbling around, and slowly getting away from absolute reliance on the brace (which, again, was specially designed for the right leg, not the left. So...these are all good things.

What's wrong? Still not spending enough hours on the main comp to finish the Wear Gray outfits.

How'ver, I do have the Wear Gray brain jar at the store--check back entries for the SLUrl, and I'll likely put it in the sidebar at some point--so you can always drop by and donate. And there are Wear Gray stands at Hair Fair, so you can donate independently to them, or to Wigs for Kids, even without buying anything at either event.

And Sanura Snowpaw has been very understanding, and says if I do get something finished, she'll give me wall space somewhere. So that's cool, too. Because it's a great cause; as with most cancers, the more research that's ongoing, the likelier it is we'll find a cure.

In the meantime, there's Wear Gray. And I'll dig out the SLUrl for them in the next day or so, now they're open. Go look at the offerings of designers who didn't get injured, and help 'em out if you can.

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